Eric Smith

Even delinquents can be shocked.

Name: Eric Smith
Age: 18
Aliases: batterSmith, 'Avo' Cavot
Height: 6'6" (Varies)
Weight: 17 Metric Tons
Hobby/Profession: Sewing Enthusiast. Delinquent.
Student; Grounds Hall Monitor; Delinquent
Technology: 0
Academics: 0
Magic: 0
Athletics: 10
Arts: 10
Luck: 0


Soft, mussed up, shoulder-length blond hair and black golem eyes with orange LED irises; a mole under eye sockets with signs of poor sleep, and a velvet-black and grey apron draped over his front. A billowy and tattered burgundy cape wraps around thick, pale muscle, and black leather armor that looks as dark as pitch lies beneath it. No lipstick is on today; instead, only deep red lips, dyed from years of wearing makeup, remain. His hair drapes over one of his eyes, black hair bands lining the exterior; someone has given him a makeover. He constantly pushes hair out of his other eye, trying to see. As stupid as he is strong, he's much more frightening dressed as a dullahan chef than anything else he could wear.


Eric is a golem. Golems are parasites that turn inanimate objects into animate ones; magically created, they have a dark and thorny true form and eyes that can see nearly anything. Their tongue is their actual body, and their brain is located in the roof of their mouth. Should you manage to remove the tongue, they will have to grow it back to move the body again. Should you remove the brain, the corpse will wither away, leaving only the eyes and the body-- which resembles a lamprey. Caution is advised in handling as golems are unholy creatures-- angels may feel pain when coming into contact with them, and there is a high risk of corruption. It is also worthwhile to note that golems are near impossible to kill-- nonmagical poisons like alcohol just sit in the body, limbs can be easily regrown, and their hyperion constitution means that they have extremely dense muscle structure. The easiest way to kill a golem is to starve it, crush the brain, eyes and body, and lock them away in a holy container. Should they ever escape the container, they would reform... .

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