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"Here at AU Academy, we encourage our students to decorate their rooms. In fact, we encourage them to make their own rooms-- just tack them onto the tower and make it taller, you know? Erm, but please read the guidelines. We don't need another incident where the ceiling caves in and kills everyone."

--Crown Prince of Thorns, Headmaster


When making a room, you'll want to put the description here. The description should have more than just the physical description-- it should describe the purpose or theme of the room, and the owner who made it. Please don't edit other's rooms, unless you are cleaning up spelling mistakes. Hall Monitors are not bound to this rule.


Pick a wing for the location to be in, and then describe the most adjacent room or set of rooms. This is your chance to describe the surroundings. Lastly, there are only six wings for now-- North (Magic), South (Academics), Main (Hallways and Auditorium), East (Technology), and West (Arts). There are also the Grounds, for any buildings outside. Finally, each wing has a dormitory. They are intersex, but represent your faction on campus. If you're unsure, the Headmaster has a test you can take to determine your aptitude. Entering other rooms is permitted, but don't be caught entering another dorm! Who knows what trouble you can get into?

Example RoomEdit

Example Room
Room Type: Classroom
Wing: Main


A white, unfurnished room designed by the headmaster in order to demonstrate how to build a room. He doesn't want to see a repeat of the last incident. He's looking at you, Professor Horse.


In the main wing dormitories, second room to your right. Sometimes. Other times, it's in the Headmaster's closet, but that's really not that important right now.

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