"There aren't many rules, so listen up. If a teacher or hall monitor sees you breaking the rules, you sure as hell aren't going to like your detention-- got it? And all these newfangled 'suspensions' and 'expulsions' really rile me up, so don't you dare make me use them!"

--Crown Prince of Thorns, Headmaster of AU Academy

Basic TerminologyEdit

Detention means we politely ask you to tune it down and lay low (lurking is fine) or leave the memo and cool off for a while. It isn't enforced heavily, but any player on detention will be watched carefully. Even minor offenses will result in suspension.

Suspension means you aren't allowed back for a day or a week. We give suspensions out for your own good-- you need time to cool down and not attack the other players. Ignoring a suspension without approval from two different hall monitors/teachers will result in expulsion after a tribunal.

Expulsion is a serious matter. All the moderators will discuss your merits, and whether you deserve to stay at this school. If we decide fairly, you should stay where you belong.

IC RulesEdit

Don't discuss rape or extremely offensive material. Doing so IC can get you suspension, or expulsion on a second offense.

If in doubt, roll a dice. Or just role play it.

If you want to have sexual, violent or drug activity, it is permitted. Please use a classroom or #AU_Academy_Afterschool memos, however, due to... limitations, placed on us by Pesterchum Industries, the fine people who made our school. Oh, and be appropriate to your maturity level. We don't need ten year olds fucking us into trouble.

When in doubt, ask for permission.

When permission is dubiously worded, just assume it said no.

OOC 'no' counts more than IC 'no'. If you're uncomfortable in a situation (say, getting extorted for lunch money) because of triggers or whatnot, verbalize it. We won't put anyone in detention if we don't see an OOC 'no', because people often run into uncomfortable situations and try to wrangle out of it. Struggling through tough scenarios builds character.

OOC RulesEdit

Don't discuss rape or extremely offensive material. Doing so OOC is a surefire way to get you expulsion, or suspension if you're lucky.

If you backtalk a moderator, we will give you detention. Backtalk will never result in suspension or expulsion.

Vandalizing the wiki will result in suspension, and a vandalizing streak will result in expulsion.

Abusing moderator powers will result in demotion, then suspension. Report bad moderators directly to the principal or his nephew, who are the high administrative official and delinquent guardian respectively.

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